BrauKon Milestones

Special success stories pave our way

2004 with Tröegs – the first brewhouse order

Tröegs Brewing Company in Harrisburg placed the first ever order with BrauKon, a 30 hl brewhouse. When the Troegner brothers, realized they had placed the very first order that the young company had ever received, they frowned a little but stuck to the deal. Their willingness to take a risk was rewarded with success. Meanwhile, they are both brewing in their new more impressive BrauKon brewhouse in Hershey.

2005 in Mallersdorf – Sister Doris goes progressive

We were hired by Sister Doris in 2005. She is both nun and master brewer in Mallersdorf Abbey and therefore quite unique in the world. The widely known master brewer with noted conservative values made the progressive decision in favor of the new company, BrauKon. Thanks to her pioneering spirit, the first intelligent and flexible boiling system, BrauKon Smartboil, was installed in her new BrauKon brewhouse.

2006 with Unertl – the namesake

Alois Unertl is a customer who also lends his name to one of our products. BrauKon was looking for an attractive name for the newly developed system for homogeneous and gentle mashing-in. The “eureka” moment occurred on the way to Unertl’s Brewery – AlloySius. And just like that, the first-time customer was immortalized. His first name led us to the word association; in English, “to alloy” means to mix.

2009 Tegernseer – hype about Tegernseer Hell

That the already popular Tegernseer Hell skyrocketed even further was not a surprise for us, as we know what Beer with Character can do. In 2009, BrauKon expanded the brewhouse in the Ducal Brewery of Tegernsee. Upon completion, the 190 hl brewhouse managed seven to eight brews per day regularly.

2014 at Lyskovo – Formula One

A 210 hl brewhouse was built for the Lyskovo Brewery in the Nizhny Novgorod region in Russia. It pumps out 12 brews every day. So in 2014, BrauKon joined the ranks of Formula One, not only in terms of beer quality, but also in terms of production capacity.

Industriebrauerei von Lyskovo

2014 HopGun – an original gains cult status

In 2014, the most well-known product brand of our company, the original BrauKon HopGun, was presented for the first time. Until September 2018 the HopGun has been sold 180 times. The above mentioned AlloySius is even more successful in terms of quantities sold. 185 of these mixing systems have been sold so far. Both products are now iconic.