BrauKon HopSep

Hop separator for effective trub removal

The HopSep is directly connected to the whirlpool and continually separates the trub from the wort during the casting and wort cooling period. When doing so, the HopSep draws the trub from the whirlpool from a central position, gently separates the wort from the trub and pumps it back into the whirlpool. The hop trub is semi-solid when it is collected in a separate container.

Finest taste

The reliable removal of the hop trub leads to fermentation being completed one to two days earlier and a rapid drop in the pH value. The percentage of amino acids important for the yeast in the fermentation tank is raised. The increased amount of hop dosing taking place later often leads to the whirlpool being overloaded and thus to the presence of hot trub during fermentation. The HopSep counteracts both: it relieves the whirlpool during the casting stage and removes the hot trub. The beer takes on a finer taste.

Maximum yield

Using the HopSep allows you to acquire approx. 1.5 % additional wort which is otherwise absorbed in the hot trub. The whirlpool rest period is practically omitted. Due to the fact that there is no remaining trub in the whirlpool at the end of wort cooling, a considerable water saving is possible during rinsing. If the additional wort and time savings are included in the calculation, this system has a payback period of less than a year.

Environmentally friendly

The prevented trub in the rinsing water eases the impact on the environment and can be passed on to the agricultural sector as high-quality livestock feed.