BrauKon Family

The somewhat different social network

Totally authentic, in the here and now, on a personal level, for real people and obviously including beer. This is a good description of the key features of our new “BrauKon Family” scheme. Meeting people, exchanging ideas and traveling are a few of the most important activities we offer on this, our proactively organized, social network.

BrauKon-Family-Day, our annual meeting

One highlight will be our large “Family” gathering. Once a year, we will invite the entire BrauKon Family to visit us at our new site in Seeon. Our BrauKon Family Day is packed with interesting topics around the subject of beer and offers a wide-ranging seminar on new technologies. Additionally, BrauKon has planned a typical Bavarian evening filled with plenty of opportunities to share experiences in a laid-back setting.Attractive supporting events in the beautiful Chiemgau region will also be offered.

Beer trips with interesting insider views

As a special treat, we organize unique group trips to our customers in selected beer regions around the world. The first trip will be a 9-day tour to particularly impressive craft beer brewers in the USA. It goes without saying that – for these family members among others – we will also organize a return visit in Europe.

What makes our trips unique? For one, the answer lies in the Detail at the destinations. Thanks to our good connections, as a group we can go places and meet people on our BrauKon Family trips that are normally off-limits to the general public. Secondly, in appreciation of the customer confidence we have enjoyed, the total costs incurred in organizing these trips are covered by BrauKon. The participants only have to pay a flat rate for the travel package, i.e. the reduced air fare, hotel rooms etc.

Brewer exchange

A family thrives on personal interaction. Have you ever considered taking part in a temporary brewer exchange? It is a wonderful Stimulus for brewers. This type of arrangement is a win-win situation. Additional knowledge is something money cannot buy. You can discover new beer varieties, techniques, customs and even new tricks which will later be helpful in your everyday routine. Not to forget the fantastic experience of getting to know the country and its people during your working visit. Think about it. BrauKon customers are in all parts of the world.

If you are interested in such a rewarding exchange, please contact us. This offer does not necessarily only apply to brewers. An exchange can also be advantageous to other professionals, for example in the communications sector. Your business will benefit every time.

Already in its first year, the BrauKon Family scheme offers a broad and attractive range of services including the BrauKon Family Day, beerrelated group trips and personal interaction. We cordially invite you to use BrauKon Family to the fullest extent.

BrauKon Family – Save the dates 2018

The BrauKon Family program, our new proactively organized network of all BrauKon customers, includes meetings, travelling and exchanging ideas. The 2018 dates for our Family-Day, the annual meeting in Seeon and for the first BrauKon Family beer trip are fixed.