BrauKon BrauMill

The flexible, operator-friendly grist mill

Long-lasting and easy to use

With its stainless-steel housing, the BrauMill, which is designed to be long lasting, is available in a two or four-roller variant. The user-friendly grist mill sets new standards in the gentle milling of all types of malt thanks to its fast and flexibly adjustable milling gap.

Optimum grist quality

The milling gap of the BrauMill can be adjusted quickly to two variable gap positions – even while the milling process is in progress. The optimal milling gap setting shortens the lautering
time and increases the yield. The operator can take reliable grist samples with the easy-to-handle sampling device and thus ensure a consistent grist quality.

The grist mill is available as a 2- and 4-roller version and covers a performance range from 800kg/h to 1200kg/h.

Further advantages

BrauMill has even more advantages: reliability, an especially long service life and constant, smooth operation. The integrated overload protector also serves as further protection against foreign objects.

The BrauKon BrauMill creates new standards when it comes to the gentle handling of the resource malt. Visually, it blends seamlessly into the overall design of a BrauKon brewhouse. The new BrauMill grist mill is therefore an essential element in the production of “Beer with Character”.