Al’s of Hampden


The success story of the brewery began with a family-run pizzeria in Enola, Pennsylvania in the US. About 10 years ago, Albert Kominski started there with a huge selection of fresh pizzas with homemade dough and sauces. There had always been an appropriate huge beer selection until he expanded his portfolio with his own 5 hl craft beer brewery in 2011.

Sudhaus von Pizza Boy Brewing Company

Brewhouse of Pizza Boy Brewing Company

The 5 hl brewhouse of BrauKon, however, already reached its capacity limits after only one year. Then a 20 hl brewhouse was needed since Al’s craft beer enjoyed a great popularity right from the start. At the same time the company moved to a larger building for beer and pizza. It only took three more years, though, until Al ordered a 40 hl BrauKon brewhouse (twice as large!) at the beginning of 2015. The delivery took place in August 2015.

Albert offers a huge selection of home-brewed beers; in his pizzeria more than 100 beers are available on tap. His Hoptart, a so-called American Wild Ale, won the silver medal in the category Experimental Style at the World Beer Cup. We are pleased for our extremely successful “pizzaboy” and are very proud to be able to call Al one of our loyal customers; according to the motto: “Quality creates trust”.