Development of 3D installation planning

Sustainable documentation and dynamic analysis

BrauKon has been working with 3D installation planning since 2012 and has now decided to force it. With immediate effect the following can be generated in 3D: layout design, detailed construction and piping design. The benefits are obvious – in a three-dimensional way.

Spatial respresentation and precise work

The excellent spatial representability allows a much more detailed insight into the assembly work and into the interfaces. This is extremely important for complex components. Sustainable documentation and error analysis can be done better using 3D.

Pilot projects successfully realized

…as it should be with 3D. As can be seen with the brewhouse expansion of Wildbräu Grafi ng (illustration on the right) and as well at the Stiegl Brewery in Salzburg. For the director Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener the new brewing plant (which was completely designed in 3D) is the logical step of the extension. For the creative brewmaster, Markus Trinker, 3D offers exclusive opportunities to expand upon the creation of his widely appreciated beer specialties.