15-year anniversary

From 0 to 100 – in 15 years


On September 15, 2018 BrauKon was awarded at the 24th “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”, an important competition in Germany for mid-tier businesses. The 12 winners were selected from 5,000 nationwide nominees. BrauKon was named “2018’s Finalist of the Year”. It is the first company from the Chiemgau region to achieve the title – and only needed 15 years to do so. Read on to learn how it all came about.

A bold idea

Markus Lohner was the master brewer at Hofbräuhaus Newport, one of the most successful restaurant breweries in the USA, when he came up with the very bold idea of manufacturing brewery systems himself. He founded BrauKon on June 27, 2003. The first facility had become too small by 2005. The new company site at Mühlweg 2 in Truchtlaching was already equipped with its own production hall.

The technical center delivered “Beer with Character”

An especially important milestone in BrauKon’s early history was the BrauTechnikum, meaning brew technical center in English. The decision to open the technical center was made 10 years ago. It was a pioneering achievement, because at the time, no relevant manufacturer of brewing plants had its own (show) brewery. At the technical center, we could demonstrate that we “come from beer”. While others were talking about the quality, which for us goes without saying, of our welding seams, we had our potential clients taste various beers that were produced here, with a BrauKon system.

Signifcant awards

In 2009, BrauKon was named one of the 100 most innovative mid-tier companies in Germany. Since 2011, BrauKon has been a certifed instructor for the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the technical and commercial sectors. BrauKon received the honor of “Bavaria’s Best 50” in 2016 where BrauKon was named one of the top 50 mid-tier companies in Bavaria. The move to the new company site in Seeon took place in 2017. It is set up with a state-of-the-art and fully equipped brewery.

More than 200 brewhouses

In 15 years BrauKon has built and delivered 209 brewhouses with a total of 495 vessels worldwide. Upon BrauKon’s 10-year anniversary, the company already had 60 employees. The team includes more than 100 staff now. The entire work force is committed to one goal, Beer with Character.