BrauKon Family

Social networking in real life

Totally authentic, in the here and now, on a personal level, unlike facebook, twitter and co. Our goal is to unite all BrauKon customers worldwide into one big family, the BrauKon Family.

Family members can meet and exchange ideas, at the annual meeting, on the joint brewery tours, at trainings and on the worldwide brewer exchange. BrauKon takes care of the entire organization. At all BrauKon Family events, fun, personal contacts and of course, beer with character play a dominating role.

BrauKon Family is a global bond. It knows no bounds, neither continental borders nor language restrictions. It breaks down all barriers and allows us to develop an even closer union.

Joined together by Beer with Character.

Family Days

The annual meeting

One highlight is our large “Family” gathering. Once a year, we invite the entire BrauKon Family to our home. The annual meeting, packed with interesting topics around the subject of beer and breweries, provides training on new technologies.

Additionally, there are many opportunities to exchange know-how and to experience a typical cozy, Bavarian evening. The attractive touristic program in the beautiful Chiemgau region is something that should not be missed and of course the traditional visit to the Munich Oktoberfest.


Brewery Trips

Joint brewery trips

Together with our Family, we visit our Family members in selected beer regions all over the world. Within our Family, on our brewery trips we can come together to meet people and view places which are normally inaccessible to the general public. To show our gratitude for the trust placed in us, BrauKon covers the entire costs for the organization of the trips. The participants merely pay the travel expenses (discounted flights, hotel rooms, etc.).

US trip 2018
The first BrauKon Family trip was a resounding success! The agenda included tours and beer tastings at 10 particularly impressive craft beer breweries in the USA. In addition to the numerous brewery tours and excellent beers, the trip also included sightseeing in the Rocky Mountains and New York City. You can view the exact itinerary of the trip here.

All 17 participants from Germany, France, Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia and Samoa were more than impressed. “We are back from the USA. It was an impressive, wonderful trip. Everything worked out perfectly. Excellent group and excellent organization!” commented Sebastian Holtmann from the Dackel brewery. A group of customers became a group of friends and those who took part still actively communicate with one another. A trip through Europe is planned for 2020.

Europe – brewery tour planned for 2020
For more information and to register, please contact us at snzvyl@oenhxba.qr

Brewer Exchange

Worldwide brewer exchange

A family thrives on personal interaction. With the brewer exchange, the family members can swap individual employees for a certain length of time.

This is a win-win situation. The participants get to know new beer styles, techniques, customs and tricks which are useful in their everyday routine. Not to forget the fantastic experience of getting to know the country and its people during this working visit.

Inquiries and information about the brewer exchange to snzvyl@oenhxba.qr

Contact us

We are here for you

Do you have questions about the BrauKon Family? Just send us an e-mail to snzvyl@oenhxba.qr. In the family we support each other.